Music for Viola and Piano


Alternate Title: 

Music for Viola and Piano

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Instrumentation : 

viola, piano

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First Performance: 

Talencourt CD on Capstone

1. Bulun Bat Eta Bulun Bi; 2. Douce Dame Jolie; 3. Kurkku-Viili Kastike <p>

Music for Viola and Piano is dedicated to Rudolf Haken, Rachel Jensen, and my counterpoint teacher, Jack Melby.


In this work, the first movement uses two Basque melodies (one of which is a Basque lullaby whose text contains only Basque nonsense words) for the first group and a “Bulgarianized” version of a Hungarian folk melody for the second in this short sonata form. The second movement is an arrangement of a 14th century melody by Guillaume de Machault, and the last owes something to Scandinavian folk music (the obscure title refers to a favorite Finnish dill-infused salad dressing that I like to make on occasion).<p>

Ensemble Type: 

duo inst or voices

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