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LIEBES-LIEDER,op 22 Six Songs

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for Soprano or Tenor, and pf

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Texts: Ibycos, Klopstock, Lenau, Cale, Hart, Heine, (tr.V.Weigl)

Final version, ca, 1944:

1. Liebeslied / Love Song (adapted from Jonas von Jodl); vocal range: c# ‘–g#''
2. Das Rosenband / The Wreath of Roses (Klopstock); vocal range: eb'–g''; also notated in a version for a lower register
3. Zweifelnder Wunsch / Undecided Wish (Nikolaus Lenau); vocal range: eb'–g''
4. Beatrix (Walter Calé); vocal range: eb'–f#''
5. Abendgang zur Geliebten / Evening Walk to the Beloved (Nikolaus Lenau); vocal range: bb–gb''
6. Der Phönix / The Phoenix (Heinrich Heine); vocal range: d'–ab''

6songs: Love Song(Ancient Greek Poem) 2.The Wreath of Roses(Klopstock) 3. Undecided Wish(Lenau) 4.Beatrix (Cale) 5.May Song(Hart) 6.The Phoenix (Heine)

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