Le miroir de l'ombre


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[Zahler] Le miroir de lombre



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Piano Quartet: violin, viola, violoncello and piano

Duration (min): 


First Performance: 

16 September 2011

Composer's note: 

This composition was commissioned by the New York Chamber Music Festival for the New York Piano Quartet and is dedicated to the Festival's founder, the extraordinary violinist Elmira Darvarova.  The request for the work was for a short "reflexion" on the Mahler Quartet (1876).  As such, the composition derives its thematic material from one of the main motives of the Mahler, but treats it in an entirely personal manner.  As with most of my chamber music, I am interested here in the composite ensemble working as a single instrument.  I try to make each of the parts the performers perform interesting and expressive, but nonetheless challenging.  My hope is that both the listener and the performer will be intrigued by a glimpse into my imagination, here derived from Mahler, as I work with the sounds and rhythms that comprise my sonic vocabulary.

Ensemble Type: 

instrumental quartet
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