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cham orch: 1-1-1-1, 1-1-1-0, pf, str

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First Performance: 

10/28/91, Levy Hall, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Timothy Russell, guest conductor

LAKE BREEZES begins and ends with a short introduction and codetta, like a slight sudden breeze on a still afternoon. The main theme (A) Slowly, Broadly, with simplicity, is formed from the bass accompaniment to the eight bar descending chord pattern at the beginning. It begins to take shape in the horn and trumpet statement, which then becomes a counter melody to the fully shaped main theme in the violins. A second section (B) carries the theme through developmental variations in tone, color and character over a steady pulsing background. This development shifts through areas marked Lightly, floating, Expressively, slightly agitated, Calmly, with a sense of mystery, Wistfully and Vivaciously. The main contrasting section is in the third (C) section, where a jazzy syncopated rhythm forms the background for the kaleidoscopic blending of individual timbres into an orchestral whole. The structure overall is in seven sections, A B C B C B A.

Ensemble Type: 

chamber orchestra

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