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flute, piano/synth

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The Intimate Flutist is a virtuosic piece for flute and piano, plus 24-tone keyboard. Performed by flutist Andrew Bolotowsky with Christopher Oldfather, June 2010 at Symphony Space.

24-tone synthesizer part has been transferred to be played on a regular keyboard. Specially programmed 24 tone synthesizer required.

Andrew Bolotowsky, 2010Andrew Bolotowsky, 2010
Christopher OldfatherChristopher Oldfather










Review from New Music Connoisseur, Fall 2010:

"Seletsky has a long history of involvement in microtonality, from his experience with
jazz and klezmer music, both of which use it significantly. Here in The Intimate Flutist
from 1982 he places a separate synthesizer keyboard with piano sound on top of the
regular grand keyboard. The synthesizer is tuned in quartertones, or 48-equal
temperament. Although the sound of the synth was, of course, significantly
different from the “real” piano, I found this unproblematic, any sound quality
question greatly surpassed by the novel quartertone harmonies.

Christopher Oldfather played both these instruments, the piano and synth, admirably and
Andrew Bolotowsky, another performer long associated with microtonality and
experimental music, performed the flute part. The work was lyrical, with a touch of
jazz and the use of the pitch bend wheel on the synthesizer was employed to affect
a simultaneous glissando, at times, with flute bendings. But, above all, it was the
glorious microtonal harmonies that held the excitement in this piece."

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solo inst+keyboard

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