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1 cello OR 2 cellos OR 1 cello+tape

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Garland can be performed in three versions :
1.) Solo cello - - - the cello plays the portion marked "Vlc 1" to the end of the piece, comprising Sections I - IV, then returns to the beginning to the part marked "Vlc 2" and plays Sections V - VIII.
2.) Cello with tape - - - the "live" cello plays only the portion marked "Vlc 1" in conjunction with a tape recording of a second cello playing the part marked "Vlc 2". The recording should preferably be of the same musician, and should be played back at a slightly lower overall dynamic than that of the "live" player.
3.) Two celli - - - here the part "Vlc 2" is taken by a second player. The second cello should be offstage or, better yet, downstage, so that he/she is seen at a distance, a slightly obscure and ghostly presence in the dialogue with "Vlc 1" front and center.

On a concert program, this piece should always be performed in two
versions : one for solo cello (#1), and the other a "polyphonic" version
(#2 or #3). It is essential to the expressive aim of the work that the
listener hear its transformation via two different versions.

Ensemble Type: 

solo instrumental (non-keyboard)
solo audio or video fixed media
duo inst or voices
variable inst or undefined

can also be performed:vcl 1 w/vcl2 on tape

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