Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

Violin OR viola with organ

Commissioned by the 2001 Randspiele Festival, Zepernick, Germany
Dedicated to Helmut Zapf: composer, organist, director of the festival, and friend

Organ Registration:
One should strive to find a clear, delicate, and largely vibratoless sound for the organ.
As a result, the following is recommended:
Keyboard I (Main): Rohrfloete 8’ (or a similar sound at 4’, played on keyboard octave lower)
Keyboard II, (Swell): Gambe 8’
Pedal: Bassfloete (important: 8’, NOT 16’)

In Flight Together is an ethereal work, suggesting the flight of birds high in the atmosphere, at times vigorous, at others languorous. The image of winged creatures riding the air currents, gliding in slow swoops may be suggestive of the sort of serene yearning behind the piece.  -----Robert Carl

Note: There are versions for violin or viola; The viola version is transposed down an octave. The score used by the organist is the original version, and has no changes of dynamics or rhythm.

Ensemble Type: 

solo inst+keyboard
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