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2/pic22/bscl2 2200 timp perc(1 or 2) strings, solo vn, solo vc

Instrumentation : 

solo violin and cello, with orchestra

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Composed in 2009 at the request of duo parnas, sisters Madalyn (violin) and Cicely (cello). It consists of a series of contiguous elaborated variations on a theme stated at the beginning, which is material also used in several works by the composer, including his Sigol Musings for solo violin, String Quartet No. 3, and 'Sigol' for Two, a fantasy written for duo parnas in 2008 and recorded on their CD Gare du Nord.  The theme starts rhapsodically  and ends with a little dance. The sequence of seven parts is identical in form to 'Sigol' for Two, and consists of the theme, a scherzando, a nervous fantasy, an aria which paraphrases the theme, a quixotic drama, a lullaby, and a varied reprise of the scherzando.  The relationship of the solo duo to the orchestra is more in the nature of collaboration than confrontation; the orchestra provides congenial settings for the solo parts while maintaining its own character. Fantasia concertante was awarded First Prize in the 2009 Fauxharmonic competition in Boston and was premiered at Indiana University in February 2011 by duo parnas with the Indiana New Music Ensemble conducted by David Dzubay. New edition 2014.

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solo instrument(s) featured+large ens or orch
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