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orch:pic-3-2-ehn-2- bcl-2-cbsn,4-3-2-btbn-tb,timp,5perc,hp,str

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12/23/72 Foro Italico, Rome, Italian Radio Orchestra of Rome (RAI) Gianpiero Taverna, conductor: U.S. premiere, 7/25/75, The University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, National Music Camp at Interlochen, Uri Mayer, conductor

Concerning EPHEMERON the composer offers the following comment: "My concern was with vanishing characters which find life through, by, and as rhythm. They are gradually separated into movements contrasted by the type of measure applied – even measure, irregular, as well as their combinations. Separation is also applied by orchestra color. The even measured character is brought to its culmination by the winds and percussion reiterating a harshly attacked sound. The arrival points thus formed lead to a synthesis of the total orchestral mass. These advents are the least ephemeral and most substantially durable sound areas in the work. To me, this composition is a fleeting vision of music as form."

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large orchestra

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