Empirical Rag (Version 6 for wind octet or nonet)


Alternate Title: 

Empirical Rag (Version 6 for wind octet or nonet)

Print Edition Price: 

$49 score with full set of parts (9)

Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

2ob, 2bsn, 2hn, 2cl, optional cbsn or double bass

Duration (min): 




First Performance: 

by the Harmonie Ensemble, Stephen Richman, cond.

Sophisticated Ragtime, version #6 of 10, arranged for the Harmonie Ensemble

Ensemble Type: 


This inventive work (oboes, clarinets, horns, bassoons, plus opt. contrabassoon) was originally written for the Empire Brass Quintet, and it's title refers to the ensemble's name and to the nature of the piece, which brings a contrapuntal motivic approach to the ragtime idiom. There are ten versions of this work for various instrument combinations, including full orchestra (recorded on New World Records). The octet version was composed for Steve Richman, who premiered it with the Harmonie Ensemble in New York. The composer on this work, "It may be loosely described as the kind of piece that Mahler may have written had he been a ragtime composer, for there is a quotation from the "Resurrection Symphony" in the solemn mid-section."

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