EARTH AND SKY - symphony for band


Year Authored (or revised): 



2 picc-2.2.3.bcl.2, 4 sax (AATB), 3cor,2 tpt., 4.2.euph.3.1, 6 perc

Duration (min): 



1. The Dawn
2. The Birds
3. The Rocks
4. The Dance(Native American poetry)

Text Source/Author: 

Native American poetry-PD

First Performance: 

December 1984 - Western Michigan University Symphonic Band.

A 4 movement work for concert band, each of the movements inspired by a different haiku-like verse by a different Native American tribe. The movements are titled: The Dawn, The Birds, The Rocks, The Dance. There are many technical demands in this work, and it can be recommended for advanced college ensembles.

Written under 'Creative Activities Fellowship' from Western Michigan University.

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