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alto sax in Eb, pf

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I. Inside the Hive
II. Stinger Dance

First Performance: 

Mark Engebretson Premiere December 5, 1995, Unerhörte Musik, Berlin

Die Berliner Hornisse (The Berlin Hornet) is a diptych inspired by insect energy. The first movement, "Inside the Hive" is a series of non-linear sonic snapshots, slight "buzzings" that suggest strange, unaccountable tasks, rituals, activities. This mysterious, almost absurd quality is underlined by the fact that the pianist never plays on the keyboard in the normal manner throughout. The second movement, "Stinger Dance", is as focussed, directed, fast, and frenetic as the opening movement is not. Its "presto possibile" tempo sets a pace that never lets up. In one sense, it is a "flight of the bumblebee" [more of a wasp here] for modern times. In its virtuosity, it echoes two musical ghosts: John Coltane of Giant Steps, and Niccolo Paganini of the Twenty-Fourth Caprice for solo violin.

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solo inst+keyboard
duo inst or voices
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alto saxophone
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