Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

any melodic instrument, piano, tape playback

Duration (min): 


Text Source/Author: 

Charles Darwin, 1809-1882.

First Performance: 

Bar Harbor Music Festival (Maine) July 2010

Flexible instrumentation-- a duo of melody instrument and piano, plus CD recording (electronic collage of many sound sources). Visual image projection and narration by a third performer are optional.  All performers speak isolated lines of text written by Charles Darwin.  Performers work with a 30-minute CD recording, and choose a portion of that recording (anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes). They then perform (some improvised) material, using an instruction sheet, against the recorded sounds.  An homage to Charles Darwin -- his life and work - in celebration of his 200th birthday year.

Ensemble Type: 

solo inst+keyboard
duo or ensemble+audio playback
variable inst or undefined
Internal Fields


tape (audio) fixed media
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