Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

for piano and electronic sound and video

Program note:
This piece uses processed footage and sound from various storms and lulls captured
during the 2004-05 winter season. These manipulated shots form the backbone of the
DVD-accompaniment part, though natural weather sounds are increasingly obscured by
music inspired by an old Nina Simone song. The contrast between these elements is
given a narrative shape in the piano part, which pits slow-moving sostenuto-pedal style
harmonies against sections of two-part rhythmically active polyphony. The sections of
long resonating piano chords are also set apart by the use of a short occasional poem by
Marianne Moore which appears on the screen during these parts of the piece.

Ensemble Type: 

solo audio or video fixed media
solo or ensemble + video or image projection
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