Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

pf, tape, perc

Duration (min): 



Equilibrium EQ47 "Distant Visions"

Castle Music (for Piano Four-hands, Percussion, Electronics and Pre-recorded Tape) was premiered at the Dartington Music Festival in South Devon, England in 1982, and also featured two dancers. The title refers to the 14th-century Dartingon Castle, which serves as the festival's concert hall. Since the premiere, numerous performances of Castle Music have been given and new music and dance festivals.

Ensemble Type: 

4-hands keyboard
solo audio or video fixed media
variable inst or undefined

This piece may be realized in several different ways:              
a. pf 4-hands
b. pf 4-hands with tape delay
c. pf 4-hands with tape delay and perc                
d. pf 4-hands with tape delay, perc, and dance

Listening Sample: 

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