CARVING SPACE FOR SOUND trumpet and ensemble


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$16 score, with set of parts

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Instrumentation : 

Solo Trumpet in C, Trumpet II in C (offstage), 1 Percussionist (Tubular Bells (Chimes) Tam-Tam Bass Drum), Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello

Duration (min): 


Carving Space for Sound is a "modular" work, in that it can be performed in two versions. It may be either a work for solo trumpet, or for trumpet plus ensemble of six players. In the solo version, the trumpet plays only the material on p. 1, up to the double bar on that page. In the ensemble version, the work commences with the same solo, but then continues to the end of the score.

Ensemble Type: 

solo instrument(s) featured+ens 3 to 6 players
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trumpet in C
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