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$34.95 complete set for all players

Instrumentation : 

Flute, Horn, Violin, Cello, Piano-4-hands, Percussion (i.e. a total of six instruments, seven performers).

Duration (min): 


First Performance: 

April 7, 2009

Ensemble Type: 

4-hands keyboard
mixed instrumental ens 6 to 15 players

Composer's note:  There are six PARTS. (Although there are seven players, two of them are playing 4-hand-piano, so there are only six instruments involved.) Each part should be reproduced separately, making sure that the LAST page is always visible -- it needs to be read a number of times during the piece. The piano part should be reproduced as double-side/front-back pages, as a booklet.

Here, too, the LAST page has to be visible at all times. So it should be a separate sheet.

The instructions, a general ground plan for entrances & exits (who plays when),  and the 'SCORE' for the Tutti passages. Every member of the ensemble should have a copy of all this material.

 Given all the stuff a performer has to deal with, I'd advise each performer to have TWO MUSIC STANDS. (Except for the piano part, of course.)


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