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bsn, live audio

Brown Velvet is a work for solo bassoon and live electronics. The work is both decrease and increase. There is a pedal (see below), that begins on the lowest pitch of the bassoon, Bb. Only overtones of that note are initially allowed in the bassoon part. The pedal then progressively “migrates” down to Bb-F-Bb-D-Bb, over two octaves, lower than any acoustic sound. At each new pedal, all overtones above it are allowed in the bassoon. So as a result, the descent (decrease) of the pedal allows ever greater harmonic richness (increase) within the bassoonist’s part. The pedal point is electronic. The version created by the composer is a Max/MSP patch, provided along with this score. (Instructions for the electronic player are included in the patch). But if one wishes to make another realization, it should be possible from the score and tunings provided within. It is important however that the pedal be real-time, i.e. not a pre-recorded part. The essence of the piece is a dialogue between the bassoonist and the “pedaler”, who will probably be performing from laptop.

Performance requires use of MaxMSP program; a free version that allows performance only, MaxMSP Runtime, is all that's needed, and it can be downloaded (at no charge) from the internet at <>.

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