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A Series of Dedications for Piano Solo:


Folio I
Andante rubato: C major.....for William Komaiko
Allegro furioso: A minor.....for William Komaiko
Allegretto poco piu: G major.....for Nathan Buckner
Allegro poco schmalzando: D major.....for Nathan Buckner
Andante con moto: F# minor.....for William Komaiko
Andante poco agitato: F major.....for Nathan Buckner

Folio II
Lento rubato: Db major.....In memoriam Oscar Peterson
Prestissimo brillante: B major.....for Olli Mustonen
Moderato con moto: Eb major.....In memoriam Bill Evans
Vivace: D minor.....for Chick Corea
Grave: B minor.....In memoriam Beveridge Webster
Allegro con fuoco: Bb Major.....In memoriam Rebecca La Brecque

Folio III
Moderato quasi pizzicato: Ab minor.....In memoriam Bud Powell
Allegro con brio: Ab major.....for Andras Schiff
Adagio: Gb major.....for Amad Jamal
Presto: E minor.....for Mike Nock
Maestoso: E Major.....for Andrew Thomas
Andante rubato: C Major.....for Alexandra Eames

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solo keyboard

Book of Whimsy is a series of dedications to pianists whose influence upon me was formative.  I  stopped at 18 due to sheer exhaustion.  Book of Whimsy is organized in three folios of six pieces each.  The first folio comprises the briefest pieces --- the original six; in the second folio the pieces become longer and more intricate, and, in the third folio, they extend into even longer pieces with a greater depth of form.  

Many of these pieces are about a singular idea.  A simple example is found in the very first piece.  You hear a constant rhythmic figure of six eighth notes followed by a dotted eighth and a sixteenth.  Integrated into this pattern is the narrative of the piece, which unfolds with a singer’s sense of song.  Many of the pieces fit similar profiles, though some of the later pieces take a more expanded approach.  Book of Whimsy is a tribute to those pianists to whom I owe a significant debt of gratitude. (Steven Sacco)

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