Alternate Title: 

Blessing for Two

Year Authored (or revised): 



Violin and Vibraphone

Duration (min): 




Blessing for Two was written for two musician friends to play together at their leisure. It follows a free variation form, but it also is a prophecy of a long and successful marriage. I think of each of the eight sections as representing seven years of life (which will get both of them well into their nineties!) Like any relationship, there is some drama (as suggested by the subtitles), but all works out well in the end.

Most of the piece is free in tempo, but it is important to preserve the exact temporal alignment indicated by the proportional notation. The work may also be performed as a solo piano piece. If so, one major adjustment occurs in sections 5 and 6. All left-hand events under the marking [+ ----- +] should be transposed down own octave from as written.
Please note that the D at the end of the page’s penultimate system is loco.

Ensemble Type: 

duo inst or voices
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