Between the Lines


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Between the Lines

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28 Apr 2008 Realised in a 24/7 event ending on 5 May 2008 at the Bennington College Listening Room, Bennington College, Vermont, USA, for an installation entitled New Electronic Music from Australia and New Zealand.

This work uses, as its sound source, an array of human voices, all of which are deceased political and/or historical figures. It is not intended to be entirely comprehensible at a first hearing as I wished to convey, in part, our cultural over-stimulation in comparison to say, 100 years ago. Musically, it is shaped as a canon, and (taking my inspiration from a comment by Dylan Thomas to the effect that what originally attracted him to language was not its meaning but its sound) I have assembled increasingly fragmented parts of speeches into a confusing labyrinth which will hopefully stimulate harsh emotion. How’s that for a run-on sentence!

Between the Lines was realized at the Electronic Music Studios at the University of Toronto, and re-mastered in Studio A of the Experimental Music Studios, University of Illinois, Urbana, United States.

Capstone Records 'Stolen Music'
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