Aliens...(aka The Enigma of the Arrival)


Alternate Title: 

Aliens...(aka The Enigma of the Arrival)

Year Authored (or revised): 



7 'performers'

Theatre piece for seven performers, indeterminate duration.

The complete title for this work is:

"Aliens disguised as Elvis kidnapped my grandmother’s appendix in a previous life after having been sucked through a black hole singularity on a Sunday afternoon picnic in the park with Aunt Jemima Puddleduck while discussing the simultaneity of states of sub-atomic particles, K. 666.31"

World Premiere performance was on February 5, 1991 with the following performers:  Jaqueline Bobak, Matthew Davidson, Chris Gennaula, Karen Holm-Hudson, Kevin Holm-Hudson, Miguel Ramos, and David Yearwood at Smith Recital Hall, Music Department, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, USA

Program Note:

The purpose of this work is to portray the epic struggle of life and death on a microscosmic and macrocosmic scale. And how to make really good pancakes, as well.

1 page score of performing instructions
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