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$14.95 score with part

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Instrumentation : 

violin, 13-string koto

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Ice Flowers was composed and dedicated to the vio-LINK-oto, violinist Pia Liptak and koto performer Ryuko Mizutani. The imagery that suggested the music and the title, Ice Flowers, came from frost patterns on the windows of my home in winter. The rhythm is varied, as I imagine the pacing of the music as it relates to “breathing,” rather than the regularity of “walking.” Some sections featured extended performing techniques for the koto; in one section, for example, the koto player scrapes the strings, and, in another, the sound is modified by placing a glass tumbler on the vibrating strings. I was surprised when told by Ryuko Mitzutani, that the scraping technique has basis in historical practice for the instrument.

Ensemble Type: 

duo inst or voices

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