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Viola (amplified) and fixed-media electronics

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27 March 2000, St. Cloud, MN. Coca Bochonko, viola

A chimera (pronounced kai-mir-uh) is a fantastic idea or image produced by the mind, and also describes a hybrid organism composed of different genetic materials. During my efforts at integrating the live viola part with the electronic, "virtual" viola  (all of the computer generated material is based on recordings of violist Coca Bochonko), I came to wonder what a dream of a viola might be like, if in fact violas do dream. To be certain, it would be in sound. This idea first occurred to me while viewing  Czech Surrealist art at Vltrzni Palac, the Czech gallery of 20th century art in Prague, and it came to guide me in the completion  of the piece in the winter of 1999 - 2000. 


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solo instrument(s) +audio or video playback
live audio interactive solo or+voice(s) or instruments

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electronic or computer live sound
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