Yeonpyeong Island


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$11.95 score Daegum (or C Flute) version

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C flute or Daegum , computer sounds

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Composer's note:  Yeonpyeong Island (2011) is one of a series of recent compositions that use computer processed versions of actual news broadcasts in combination with live instruments. These pieces transform reports of some of the difficult news of our day and bring them into the contemplative frame of the concert hall. Yeonpyeong Island, for Daegum and computer sounds, features a report from South Korean radio broadcast on the day after the North Koreans launched an attack on Yeonpyeong Island in South Korea, killing several people. This piece is composed for my friend and collaborator Kim Jeong-Seung who assisted in the development of this piece. It is only because of Kim Jeong-Seung's extraordinary mastery of the Daegum that this piece is possible in its current form. —DEJ

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solo instrument(s) +audio or video playback

new edition from 2011 original

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alto flute
electronic or computer live sound
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