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Instrumentation : 

Flute and multi-channel interactive electronics

Duration (min): 


Composer note:  The title is from an interview I heard with a scientist who was commenting on how the standard model of cosmology is constructed of variables that seem fine-tuned to support our existence; if they were to deviate a little one way or the other, the physical universe as we know it wouldn't exist, and neither could we.

In this light, we can understand ecosystemic compositions both as creating a sonic universe for us, but also as depending upon the physical behavior of sound in a space in order to exist at all, that is to say, sound as they do. 

The performance of this piece will be subject to the variables of the performance space, which will mediate the performers sonic input, and the composition's ultimate existence as sound will be determined by the sonic influence of the space on the musical decisions of the performers.

Performance directions are embedded in the Kyma timeline.

Ensemble Type: 

live audio interactive solo or+voice(s) or instruments

- technical requirements include the provided Kyma timeline, a Kyma system with a minimum of 3 inputs and 4 outputs, two cardioid microphones to sample the behavior of sound in the performance space, a (hyper)cardioid microphone to sample the flute. The minimum playback environment is quadraphonic, although the piece has been successfully performed in a 70 speaker acousmonium, so there is no theoretical limit -

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