Kafka Shorts


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String Quartet #2

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string quartet and 2 actors

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Meditation I
1. The Way Home
Meditation II
2. In the Night
Meditation III
3. The Vulture
Meditation IV
4. The Excursion in the Mountains
Meditation V
5. The Runners
Meditation VI
6. The Bridge
Meditation VII
7. Give it Up!
8. About Parables

Text Source/Author: 

Text by the composer, Raymond Luedeke. Adapted from the original German of Franz Kafka.

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Kafka Shorts for string quartet and 2 actors is performed in an English translation/adaptation by the composer of Kafka's original texts.

German titles of the Kafka stories used in Kafka Shorts:

  1. Der Ausflug ins Gebirge
  2. Die Vorüberlaufenden
  3. Der Nachhauseweg
  4. Der Geier
  5. Nachts
  6. Von den Gleichnissen
  7. Die Brücke
  8. Gibs auf

Kafka Shorts (about 35 minutes) may be performed with staging. Or it may be performed in a traditional chamber music setting, with the actors at music stands. The script is available in two versions, --with music cues for actors able to read music, and another with arrow cues only.


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$39.95 full score with script
$139.95 score, 4 string parts, 2 actor scripts with music cues
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