Sunday Afternoon At The Ghost Ranch


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Violin, Trumpet, Alto Saxophone

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First Performance: 

2/14/03, Faculty Recital, Gorell Recital Hall, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Stanley Chepaitis, violin, Kevin E. Eisensmith, trumpet, Keith R. Young, alto saxophone

Introduction given by the composer at the premiere performance:

"What a pleasure it is to compose, as I did in this work, with particular performers in mind. Drs. Chepaitis, Eisensmith and Young are such wonderful musicians, and so well versed as both jazz and classical performers. I have always been deeply influenced by my own jazz playing background, and have worked many years towards synthesizing the elements from my classical and jazz past into a compositional voice. I just had to take advantage of having these wonderful musicians as colleagues, so I planned a trio and hoped it might find a performance venue. And, happily, here we are tonight.

The theme, stated right at the beginning by the violin and sax, is a short, driving, angular gesture, reminiscent of the bebop jazz movement in the 1940s. And this is immediately responded to by a descending tune-like phrase in the trumpet. You will hear this a few times throughout the work as a ritornello or recurring theme. This is a one movement work, in one rather brisk tempo, with continuous developing variations of this theme.

Ensemble Type: 

instrumental trio
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