a_propos de l'amitié


Year Authored (or revised): 



Clarinet (dbling basscl and picc), Viola, Cello, Piano

Duration (min): 

22 minutes


Whose Accompanist?
Pas De Quatre
Together, Forever

First Performance: 

November 28, 2011

The work is divided into eight movements, of which the first four and the final three are performed without pause.  A propos de l’amitié opens with an energetic “Prelude” that introduces the various narrative streams of each of the instruments.  The second movement, “Fight Over Accompanist,” features the Eb (piccolo) clarinet in opposition to the viola and cello as both try to convince the pianist to play with them. “Lullaby”, the third movement, features the cello and piano performing a soothing, restorative melody.  The first section of A propos de l’amitié ends with a reflective “Ritornello”.

Following a short pause, the ensemble returns to a spirited “Pas De Quatre”, a ballet among the four instruments. This movement leads directly to a “Deuce”, a reference to the card game of poker, specifically to the “2” card and how it can be wild under certain circumstances.  The movement ends thoughtfully, leading directly to “Together, Forever”, in which the four instruments resolve some of the differences that have arisen during the previous movements, and combine, peacefully, in the final “Postlude”, which features the bass clarinet.  A propos de l’amitié ends with a robust reaffirmation of the bonds of friendship.

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