Sechs Miniaturen für das Meer


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Six Miniatures for the Sea

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$21.95 score and part

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guitar, piano

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1. Aufsteigender Nebel (Fog, Lifting)
2. Morgentanz (Morningdance)
3. Meerestroeme (Seadrift)
4. Windgezeiten (Windtides)
5. Die Fährbrücken (The Ferry Docks)
6. Mondtanz (Moondance)


Irrational Exuberence, Collaboration V. Beauport Classical, a div. of RJB LLC; BC11010

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The miniatures represent six scenes in tableau - a day in a life - sitting and watching the sea.

This work was commissioned by Duo Soundways (Chris Bilobram, guitar; Reinhard Wolschina, piano), Weimar, Germany. For both the composer and the performers, this instrumental partnership presents inherent issues of balance; therefore, depending upon the concert space and the specific instruments involved, the guitar is often amplified. The timbral connection between the guitar and piano is a unique one, as each is, simultaneously, a string and percussion instrument, producing together a sonorous effect that currently enjoys growing popularity in modern chamber repertoire.



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solo inst+keyboard
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