FORTUNATO (A Chamber Opera in 3 Scenes)


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FORTUNATO (A Chamber Opera in 3 Scenes)

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$59.95 for score
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piano, vocal soloists

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Serafin and Joaquin Alvarez Quintero

10 characters; minimum of 5 singers needed; piano/vocal score with background chorus parts which can be sung by the principals. Chorus parts have alternate arrangements for soloists.

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Based on the tragic farce; story of Amaranta, the champion sharpshooter (a female character); sung by contralto or mezzo.

Gideon completed her only opera, Fortunato: An Opera in Three Scenes, in 1958, Although the opera has never received a performance, it may be regarded as a central work within Gideon's style and oeuvre. Gideon fashioned her own libretto for Fortunato from Serafin and Joaquin Alvarez Quintero's 1912 farce of the same name, creating a uniquely personal work with distinct connections between music and biography.

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