One Hand at a Time - 19 Pieces for Piano for Left-Hand or Right-Hand Only

One Hand at a Time - 19 Pieces for Piano for Left-Hand or Right-Hand Only

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Presented in this anthology are nineteen pieces for piano from eight American composers, written during the last half of the Twentieth Century - between 1950 and 1992. What brings these pieces together, of course, is that they are all written for a pianist using only one hand. Within this limitation the pieces span a range of styles, musical languages, and difficulties.

The first five pieces are drawn from two larger works. Ellis B. Kohs’ Ten Two-Voice Inventions provides four pieces - two for left hand, two for right hand - and Halsey Stevens’ For the Left Hand Alone is drawn from his Seventeen Piano Pieces.

Vivian Fine’s The Flicker and Lionel Nowak’s Practice Piece, both for the right hand, and Leon Stein’s Toccata No. 3, for the left, are tour-de-forces of technical fireworks.

Otto Luening’s Right Hand Path and Sydney Hodkinson’s Minnie-Rag offer specific challenges for the single hand, requiring large leaps and consistent rhythmic drive.

Ellis B. Kohs’ substantial recital work, the Etude-Variations (on a theme of Brahms), offers a thick and enticing harmonic language, and Samuel Wellman’s Eight Waltzes close the anthology as attractive, easier offerings.


Table of Contents:

Ellis B. Kohs - from Ten Two-Voice Inventions (1950)
 - For the Left Hand Alone (No. 3, in C#)
 - Grazioso, for the Right Hand Alone (No. 4, in Bb)
 - For the Right Hand Alone (No. 8, on a six-tone scale)
 - Allegro energico, for the Left Hand Alone (No. 9, on two mutally exclusive whole tone scales)

Halsey Stevens - For the Left Hand Alone from Seventeen Piano Pieces (1968)

Vivian Fine - The Flicker for right hand (1973)

Leon Stein - Toccata No. 3 for left hand (1981)

Lionel Nowak - Practice Piece for right hand (1982)

Otto Luening - Right Hand Path (1984)

Ellis B. Kohs - Etude-Variations on a Sestatonic Scale after a Theme by Johannes Brahms for the right hand (1985)

Sydney Hodkinson - Minnie-Rag (Kwazy-Kwilt for Minnie Mouse’s Birthday) for right hand (1990)

Samuel Wellman - Eight Waltzes, Op. 75 for Left Hand (or for right hand, if you insist) (1992)

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