Vally Weigl


Vally [Valerie] Weigl [née Pick] (1894–1982), Viennese musician, who studied piano (Richard Robert), composition (Karl Weigl), and musicology (Guido Adler, at Vienna University), after which she worked as Robert’s assistant, and with Karl Weigl at the Musikwissenschaftliches Institut of the University. She married Karl in 1921, and emigrated with him to New York in 1938, where she worked as a teacher and composer, and, after taking a masters degree at Columbia University, as a music therapist, becoming chief music therapist at New York Medical College, and authoring many journal articles in the field. Comprehensive works list at Karl Weigl Foundation.

ACE Publications

192 title(s)
Vally Weigl OH, LORD OF MYSTERIES med voice,vln,vcl OR med voice,pf
Vally Weigl OH, LOVE DOTH MAKE THE DAY med(or hg voice), pf, opt mmb(or gtr)
Vally Weigl OH, WIND, BLOW SOFTLY 2pt women's or child chorus(or 2 solo voices),rec(or fl),pf
Vally Weigl OISEAU DE LA VIE for flute or clarinet Flute or Clarinet
vcl, pf
Vally Weigl OLD TIME DIVERTIMENTO for Three French Horns 3 hn
Vally Weigl OLD TIME DIVERTIMENTO - trumpet, bassoon, horn
tpt (or clar),bsn,hn
Vally Weigl ON CHRISTMAS EVE satb,pf
Vally Weigl ON LANGSYNE PLANTATION med voice,cl or vln,pf,vla
Vally Weigl ONLY THE MOON REMEMBERS, Song Suite med voice, ob,cl,bsn or cello
Vally Weigl OTHER HEARTS mezzo-soprano or baritone with piano
Vally Weigl OTHER SUMMERS mezzo or bar & pf
Vally Weigl OUR WORLD IS ONE satb,pf
medium-high voice, flute OR violin OR oboe (obl), piano
Vally Weigl PEACE HYMN ssa, pf
Vally Weigl PEACE, MY HEART medium voice, vln, vcl
Vally Weigl PEACE, NIGHT, SLEEP mezzo, vln,vla (or cl), pf
Vally Weigl PEOPLE IS A POLYCHROME, THE satb a capella
Vally Weigl PETITE SUITE FOR WOODWINDS fl, ob, bsn, hn
Vally Weigl PIPPA'S SONG 1 or 2 voices,sop rec,pf
Vally Weigl PLAYTHINGS OF THE WIND bar or mez-sop,cl OR vla obl, pf
Vally Weigl POINTS AND COUNTERPOINTS, Two Interludes for Two Clarinets 2cl OR vln, cl
Vally Weigl PRACTICAL EARTH SATELLITES satb a capella
Vally Weigl PRAYER FOR PEACE satb
Vally Weigl PSALM 130 chorus, T solo, pf

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