B Bop in 2


B Bop in 2

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Scoring & Instrumentation
2 record/playback devices, 1 live solo alto sax player
alto sax 1 player, pre-recorded alto sax part +live recording and playback
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Commissioned by David Pituch (DePaul University).

New score edition 2020

"The solo instrument in this work undergoes such a transformation and multiplication, that its natural sound is woven into an entire "spider web" of sound"
--Dziennik Polski,  Cracow Polish Daily

b Bop in 2  (for solo alto saxophone, with audio playback of the performer's pre-recorded sounds, and audio recording/playback during performance). 1998
Commission: David Pituch
1st performance: Krakow, Poland. March 2, 1998. David Pituch, alto saxophone
Duration: 10 min.



I. Saxophone A and playback device 1
Pre-record solo sax A music and save the file for playback.
Observe all rests which equal measured time on the recording.
Try to have the proper tempi for each section.
Place playback device 1 on the left side of the solo saxophone (B) soloist during performance
and set playback volume at high/medium high. *

II. Saxophone B and recording/playback device 2
During performance playback device 2 should be on the right side of the saxophone (B) soloist.

III. Steps in Performance
1. Press play on playback device 1 to play your pre-recorded track.
Immediately start recording on device 2. This should take about five seconds.
2. Begin to play live the Saxophone B solo music immediately.
Make sure all tempi are as accurate as possible.
3. See parts for further instructions.
Total duration ca. 10’ minutes

* Alternatively, player may use an audio technician to play the pre-recorded track through the
house system, record and play the live-recorded part through the house system as well. Player
may also possibly choose to record the solo sax part A in segments and have the technician play
the segments at the appropriate time, instead of recording the rests.


First Perfomance
Krakow, Poland. David Pituch, alto saxophone. March 2, 1998.


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Ensemble Type
solo instrumental (non-keyboard)
solo instrument(s) +audio or video playback
alto saxophone , tape (audio) fixed media

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