Echoes of the Past - for Percussion Ensemble


Echoes of the Past - for Percussion Ensemble

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Composer's Note:

Mesa Verde, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Colorado, was inhabited by Ancestral Puebloan peoples dating back to 7500 BC. By 1285 due to severe and prolonged droughts, the cliff dwellings were abandoned. Looking closely at scorched trees burnt from centuries of forest fires, one might notice images of animals, human forms, Native American Kachinas, and the remains of bewitchingly shaped trees. The adage, “seeing the trees through the forest” is apropos. Photographic images of selected trees became the storyboard upon which the animation was created. One might elect to conjure up an image that, unlike Icarus, these Ancestral Puebloans have returned to earth to live again through in the devastated forests. This film documents these images with a fanciful treatment with animation which may provoke thoughtful dialogue as to the health of planet Earth.


Percussion Needed:

Player 1.
Glockenspiel (2.5 octaves, F-C), Xylophone (3.5 octaves F-C), Piccolo Woodblock, Chinese Opera Gong (bending upwards), Ben Sasara, Small Flexitone, Musical Saw - bowed, 18" Cymbal placed upside down on a 26" timpano (shared with Mar.3)

Player 2.
Crotales (2 octaves, C-C), Large Chau Tam Tam (shared with Pl. 3), Small Tam Tam (ca. 18 inches dia.), Large Flexitone

Player 3.
Vibraphone (bars turned over as also played with small Chinese bells), Large Chau Tam Tam (shared with Pl. 2), 3 Woodblocks, Large and Medium sized Javanese Gongs

Player 4. Marimba (5 octaves C-C)

Player 5. Marimba (5 octaves C-C)

Player 6.
Marimba (5 octaves C-C), 2 Japanese Kin (Rin) placed on a 26" timpano

First Perfomance
August 2022 at the BETA International Percussion Institute in Eugene, OR


Text Language - Non English


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duo or ensemble+audio playback

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