Mark Zuckerman


Mark Zuckerman (b. 1948) has written extensively for virtuoso soloists, chamber ensembles, a cappella choir (including an internationally-recognized collection of Yiddish choral arrangements), wind ensemble, and string orchestra. He attended Juilliard and continued at the University of Michigan, Bard College, and Princeton University studying under David Epstein, George B. Wilson, Elie Yarden, Milton Babbitt and J. K. Randall.

His choral music has achieved an international reputation with choruses and at festivals and been performed and recorded by the Gregg Smith Singers, Chicago a cappella, The Goldene Keyt Singers, the New Yiddish Chorale, and The Workman’s Circle Chorus. Notable ensembles such as the Rutgers University Wind Ensemble, the Rutgers University Symphony Band, the Chicago Brass Ensemble, and the Seattle Sinfonia have recorded his instrumental music. Zuckerman earned a PhD from Princeton and has been a member of the music faculties at Princeton, Columbia, and Rutgers Universities.

He has taught a wide variety of subjects leading to a number of publications, including a book on listening to jazz drawn from his popular jazz survey course. He is a recipient of an artist fellowship from the New Jersey State Council for the Arts and recently had the first act of his opera, The Outlaw and the King, presented by the Opera Workshop at Rutgers University.

Characterized as "Highly accessible ... listeners are carefully guided through some very enjoyable musical metaphors ... quite moving" (Steve Schwartz, Classical CD Review), Zuckerman continues to compose for both professional and amateur performers ― especially student groups ― and for all kinds of audiences, from modern music aficionados to children.

  • band/wind ensemble large
  • instrumental quartet
  • ACE Publications

    16 title(s)
    Mark Zuckerman Accrual Basses Four Double Basses
    Mark Zuckerman BESIDE THE STILL WATERS Concert band
    Mark Zuckerman Bonafide Ensemble Trombone Quartet
    4 Tenor Trombones
    Mark Zuckerman CIVIC CELEBRATION 2/pic222 4331 4 perc. timpani strings
    Mark Zuckerman FEELING NO PAIN
    Clarinet quartet (Eb, Bb, Alto, Bass)
    Saxophone Quartet
    Mark Zuckerman Hoboken Vignettes pic, 2fl, 2ob, Eh, 3 cl, Ebcl, Ebaltcl, bscl, 2bsn, 2 altsx, tensx, barsx, 3cor, 2tpt, 4hn, 2tbn, bstbn, euph, tba, xyl/glock, chimes, 3timp, tri, cymb, sndrm, bsdrm
    Mark Zuckerman Imagined Memories Piano Quartet
    Mark Zuckerman JERSEY SURE sax quartet
    ssax, asax, tsax, bar. sax
    Mark Zuckerman MARCHE COMIQUE pic, 2fl, 2ob, 3cl, altocl, bscl, cbcl, 2bsn, 2alsx, tsx, bsx, 3 cor, 2 tpt, 2flg, 4hn, 2btn, 3tbn, tba, timp(3), sndrm, bsdrm, cymb
    concert band
    Mark Zuckerman SONATINA Recorder Consort (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Recorders)
    Mark Zuckerman Suite! concert band
    Fl 1&2, Ob 1&2, Bsn1 & 2, Cl 1, 2 & 3, BsCl, altosx 1 & 2, TenSx, BarSx, Tpt 1, 2 & 3, Hn 1 & 2 Tbn 1, 2 & 3 Euph (or Bb Baritone), Tuba, Timp(4) Perc: Triangle/Cymbals (can be 1 player), Snare Drum, Bass Drum
    Mark Zuckerman TIME SHARES (11 horns) 11 French horns
    Mark Zuckerman TIME SHARES (11 trumpets) 11 trumpets (3 solo trumpets + 2 trumpet quartets)
    Mark Zuckerman TIME SHARES (7 horns) 7 French horns
    fl, cl, bass trb, perc (vib, triangle), spoken text

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