Irwin Heilner


Irwin Heilner (b. New York City, May 14, 1908; d. January 18, 1991) was an American composer of contemporary classical music.

Heilner lived in Brooklyn. In 1932 he was a member of the Young Composers' Group, which was founded by the composer Elie Siegmeister and which met regularly at the home of the composer Aaron Copland. Heilner studied with Nadia Boulanger beginning in the late spring of 1932, having been recommended by Aaron Copland. The two did not get along, however, and his planned three years of study lasted for just three months. His music was championed and recorded by William Strickland.

ACE Publications

86 title(s)
Irwin Heilner WILD ANEMONE voice, gtr
Irwin Heilner WHY THE SOUP TASTES LIKE THE DAILY NEWS med voice, gtr
Irwin Heilner WHEN I SET OUT FOR LYONNESSE Med (or low) voice,pf
Irwin Heilner WHAT WERE THEY LIKE voice, gtr
Irwin Heilner VERNAL EQUINOX high voice, pf
Irwin Heilner TRAVELER med voice, (pf(red)), orch: 2-1- eh-2-2,2-0-0-0, hp, perc,str
Irwin Heilner TRAVELER med voice, pf
Irwin Heilner TO THE GUITARISTS high voice, gtr
Irwin Heilner TO HIS WIFE sop,ten,pf
Irwin Heilner TEARDROP MILLIONAIRE voice, pf
Irwin Heilner SWING SYMPHONY 3/picc.2/eh.2.2,, 3 timp, perc, strings
Irwin Heilner SUITE FOR ORCHESTRA orch(1-fl,al fl-2(eh)-2- bcl-2,2-2-2-1,2 harp, cel, 3 perc, str
Irwin Heilner SUITE FOR HARP AND ORCHESTRA - reduced harp, piano
Irwin Heilner SUITE FOR HARP AND ORCHESTRA orch: 1/pic-1/eh-3/saxes; 0-2-2-0; perc; hp, str
Irwin Heilner STEVENSON med voice, gtr
Irwin Heilner STARLINGS ON THE ROOF Medium Voice and Piano
Irwin Heilner STARS HAVE NOT DEALT ME WORST THEY COULD DO med voice,pf or med voice,gtr
voice and guitar (or keyboard)
Irwin Heilner SONNET 76 satb
Irwin Heilner SONG OF THE THIRD WORLD vcl,pf
Irwin Heilner SCHOLAR IN THE NARROW STREET med voice,pf
Irwin Heilner SANTY ISN'T SANTA CLAUS med voice, pf
Irwin Heilner ROMANCE IN G vln,pf
Irwin Heilner ROMANCE vln,pf

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