NIGHTSONGS - For Voice and Chamber Orchestra - mixed voice ranges

NIGHTSONGS - For Voice and Chamber Orchestra - mixed voice ranges

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Scoring & Instrumentation
Voice and Chamber Orchestra
1111 - 2000 - timp, perc (1), hp - voice solo - strings
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Year Authored (or revised)
Duration (min)
I. Prayer
II. Drums of Tragedy
III. The Heart of a Woman
IV. Night Song
V. Sence You Went Away
VI. Creole Girl

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6 songs: Prayer (Langston Hughes), Drums of Tragedy (Langston Hughes), The Heart of a Woman (Georgia Douglas Johnson), Night Song (Clarissa Scott Delany), Sence You Went Away (James Weldon Johnson), and Creole Girl (Morgan Collins).

This edition contains a mix of voice ranges for the songs - see listing below.  For other key ranges, contact ACA.

Keys/Voice Ranges for Nightsongs:

I. Prayer  (High)
Gb Major: Eb4 - Gb5

II. Drums of Tragedy (Low)
Bb Minor: Bb3 to Fb5

III. The Heart of a Woman (Medium)
F Major: C4 to F5

IV. Night Song (Medium)
Eb Minor: Bb3 to F5

V. Sence You Went Away (High)
G Major: E4 to Gb5

VI. Creole Girl  (Medium)
B Minor: C# 4 to F#5



Percussion Needed:

Tubular bells, congas, glockenspiel, suspended cymbal, medium tam-tam, maracas, tambourine, triangle, bell tree.

New 2022 edition from 1996 original.

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Text Language - Non English


Text Source/Author
Langston Hughes
Georgia Douglas Johnson
Clarissa Scott Delany
James Weldon Johnson
Morgan Collins
Title Number
Ensemble Type
solo voice(s)+large ensemble or orchestra
Highlight Series
Music by BIPOC - AALANA composers
Voice , Mezzo-Soprano , Medium Voice
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