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SHORT BIO Glenn Stallcop is a composer, double bassist, and pianist who has published ninety compositions and released 26 recordings. A long-time double bassist with the Phoenix Symphony, they have performed eight of his seventeen orchestral works. He has also written solo and chamber music for the double bass and piano, music for dance, and along with vocal and chamber music for varied ensembles.  At the keyboard, he has been active mostly in free improvisation and in the performance of his own music.  His music is published by American Composers Alliance and recorded by AUR and SMS Recordings. 

LONGER BIO Originally from Seattle, WA, Glenn Stallcop received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Washington in 1976 and a Master of Music degree from Arizona State University in 1993, where he was awarded Outstanding Graduate in Music History, Theory, and Composition.  His major teachers include Robert Suderberg, William Bergsma, and Chinary Ung for composition, Ring Warner and Steve Brewster for double bass, and Frits Scavenius for piano.  

Stallcop moved to Phoenix in 1973 to fill a position as double bassist with The Phoenix Symphony. He performed in the Phoenix Symphony for 46 years before retiring in 2019. As a professional double bassist with a major symphony orchestra, several of his works feature the double bass.  He has written works for double bass and orchestra, for solo bass, bass with accompaniment, two sets of bass duets, and several chamber music works.  He won the 2004 International Society of Bassists Composition for solo double bass with his work entitled Vision Quest, for double bass and piano.  It was premiered in 2005 at the ISB conference in Michigan.

Stallcop has written seventeen works for orchestra.  The Phoenix Symphony has performed eight of his orchestral compositions, including City Music in 1978 and 2019, Millennial Opening in 2002, Calypso Round in 2002, Sunscape, commissioned in 1987 by the Arizona Diamond Jubilee Commission, and Couplet for a Desert Summer in 1984. They have also performed three string orchestra works, his Concerto for Double Bass with bassist John Casey in 1979, movements from his Suite from Reggie in 1999, and his Concertino for Harp and Strings in 2001 with harpist Andrea Stechermeier-Thiele.

At the keyboard, Stallcop has performed almost exclusively in free improvisation or in the performance of his own compositions. He has released at least 25 albums of solo piano music on SMS Recordings and AUR/Horizon.

In 1983, he founded the Arizona Composers Forum and served as its president and executive director from 1983-89. During this period, ACF presented 46 concerts in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, a series of 12 lectures, and a weekly radio program featuring music of Arizona composers. He presented concerts of his own chamber music annually from 1980-89. 

In 1995, Stallcop was awarded the Performing Arts Fellowship in Composition by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and was appointed to serve on the Phoenix Arts Commission from 1986-89. He is published by American Composers Alliance. He has been a member of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) since 1977, and was elected to ACA in New York in 1982. He has been a member of the American Federation of Musicians since 1966.



ACE Publications

97 title(s)
Glenn Stallcop PENDULUM for double bass and piano db, pf
Glenn Stallcop PIANO TRIO vn, vc, pf
Glenn Stallcop QUARREL FANTASY fl, cl, bn
Glenn Stallcop RAIN, RAIN Mezzo-Soprano and Piano
Glenn Stallcop Reggie or How Reggie Made a Difference
Narrator, string orchestra or string quartet and optional Db
Glenn Stallcop Restless in Loops Solo Cello With Loop Station
Glenn Stallcop Restless in Place Cello
Glenn Stallcop RITUAL MARCH, for 8 cellos 8 Cellos
Glenn Stallcop RITUAL VARIATIONS Piano
Glenn Stallcop Rosa Piano
Glenn Stallcop Round Five Double Bass and Piano
Glenn Stallcop SCENES AND SOLILOQUIES for double bass and harp Double Bass and Harp
Glenn Stallcop Serenade in Isolation String Orchestra and Harp
Glenn Stallcop SEVEN PIECES solo piano
Glenn Stallcop SHORT SET
flute, piano
Glenn Stallcop SONATA FOR CELLO AND PIANO Cello and Piano
Glenn Stallcop SONATA FOR PIANO Piano
Glenn Stallcop SONATA for viola and piano vla,pf
Glenn Stallcop SONATA for violin and piano - IMAGES FROM 'THE FAR FIELD' vln,pf
Glenn Stallcop SONATA NO. 3 FOR VIOLIN & PIANO Violin and Piano
Glenn Stallcop String Quartet 1980 String Quartet
Glenn Stallcop STRING QUARTET NO.1 'WOODPECKER' string quartet
Glenn Stallcop STRING QUARTET NO. 2 String Quartet
Glenn Stallcop SUITE FROM "BRIDGE TO NOWHERE" solo piano

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