Five Miniatures for Voice With Percussion


Five Miniatures for Voice With Percussion

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Solo Voice (Doubling Small Percussion)
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1. In Total Isolation
2. Sometimes
3. Growing Pains
4. A Spirit Awakens
5. Part of It All



Composer's Note:

This set of five short pieces uses one performer, a vocalist who also plays a different, simple percussion instrument in each piece: 1. In Total Isolation - a hand held spin drum, 2. Sometimes – cup gongs, 3. Growing Pains – a rain stick, 4. A Spirit Awakens – tambourine, and 5. Part of It All – glockenspiel.

All of these instruments (except the glockenspiel) are part of a collection I have at home for use by my grandchildren and great grandchildren when they visit. I love the sound of a glockenspiel and have included it in many works. I used to own an old glockenspiel but sold it years ago.

One poem, 2. Sometimes, was written by me, while the others are parts of poems written by my daughter, Micki LeMieux, so these poems are very dear to me. They speak of sadness, aloneness and grief, and gradual awareness.


Percussion is played by the vocalist, however can be played by a separate performer if necessary.

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Micki LeMieux, Darleen Mitchell.
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solo voice alone
Voice , Percussion

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