Avery Claflin


Avery Claflin (January 21 1898 - January 9 1979) was an American composer, although he studied law and business, later pursuing a career in banking. He served as president for the French American Banking Corp. He took music courses at Harvard University. Among Claflin's teachers was the French composer Erik Satie. Claflin was a business associate of Charles Ives. Although he worked in business, Claflin found time to compose music and be active in various musical organizations. He retired in 1954, and he compose many of his works after this date. Among his works is a madrigal, Lament for April 15, which uses as its text instructions for an Internal Revenue Service tax form. This choral work received its premiere in 1955 at Tanglewood, in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Every year on April 15, Karl Haas, musician, conductor, and radio host, played a recording of this composition on his public radio program, Adventures in Good Music.

  • solo keyboard
  • chorus+soloist(s)+orch/ens
  • instrumental quartet
  • mixed instrumental ens 6 to 15 players
  • orchestra
  • ACE Publications

    11 title(s)
    Avery Claflin FOUR PIECES FOR ORCHESTRA orch:3-2-eh- 2-bcl-2-cbsn,4-3-3-1,timp,cym,bells,hp,st
    Avery Claflin FOUR PIECES FOR ORCHESTRA(NO 4) orch:3-2-eh- 2-bcl-2-cbsn,4-3-3-1,timp,cym,bells,hp,str
    Avery Claflin HE SHALL BE GREAT chor-7pt,org
    Avery Claflin LARGHETTO AND SHUFFLE orch
    Avery Claflin MARY OF NAZARETH Parts 1 and 2 chor, org
    Avery Claflin MARY OF NAZARETH Part 3 chor,org
    Avery Claflin MARY OF NAZARETH Part 4 chor, org
    Avery Claflin PASTORAL-THE ORIOLE 2fl,2cl
    Avery Claflin RECITATIVO, ARIA AND STRETTA hn,vln,vlc,pf
    Avery Claflin SAUL OF TARSUS ssaattbb,org
    Avery Claflin TEEN SCENES FOR STRINGS str:2-1-1-1

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