African-American Art Song - Special conference pricing Feb. 9 to March 31

In celebration of the 20th Annual African-American Art Song Conference at UC Irvine (Feb. 9-12, 2017), we offer the following scores and prices to conference participants, from ACA:


Music for voice by Dorothy Rudd Moore

Sonnets on Love, Rosebuds and Death - high voice, violin, piano            $18.00/ $16.50            score+violin part                
                    I had no thoughts of violets of late (Alice Dunbar Nelson)            
                    Joy (Clarissa Scott Delaney)                
                    Some things are very dear to me (Gwendolyn B. Bennett)                
                    He came in silvern armour (Bennett)                
                    Song for a Dark Girl (Langston Hughes)                
                    Idolatry (Arna Bontemps)                
                    Youth Sings a Song of Rosebuds (Countee Cullen)            
                    Invocation (Helene Johnson)            
    Three Songs for two Sopranos, piano:            
    Charity (Emily Dickinson)                                                          $13.00/ $10.00   
    On Wings of Song (Heine)                                                           3 songs in one edition  
    If music be the food of love (Shakespeare)                                                                                                                              
    “Lullaby” from Frederick Douglass opera (Soprano, piano)                    $8.00/ $6.50                                                                                                                                              
    The Weary Blues (Langston Hughes) - Baritone, cello,  piano                $8.00/ $6.50                                                                                                 
    Flowers of Darkness     - Tenor, piano                                               $15.00/ 12.50                   
        Flowers of Darkness (Frank Marshall Davis)            
        Creole Girl (Leslie M. Collins)                
        At early morn (Binga Dismond – from the French of Catulle Mendes)                        
       The glory of the day was in her face (James Weldon Johnson)
        O Daedalus Fly Away Home (Robert E. Hayden)
From the Dark Tower  - voice, cello, piano                                                 $27.50/ $20.50  score+cello part
        O Black & Unknown Bards (J.W.Johnson)
        Southern Mansions (Bontemps)
        Willow Bend & Weep (H.C.Johnson)
        Old Black Man (G.D.Johnson)
        No Images (Cuney)
        Dream Variation (Hughes)
        For A Poet (Cullen)
        From the Dark Tower (Cullen)    

Music for Voice by H. Leslie Adams   

    Daybirth                                                                             $49.00/  31.50
        17 songs - Collection on poetry by Joette McDonald:
        On this day, Love Union (Christ at a Wedding), In the Midnight of My Soul,
        Cantus, Anniversary Song, Daybirth, Flying, From a Hotel Room, Love Request,
        Lullaby Eternal, Midas Poor Midas, Song to Baby Jesus Song of Thanks,
        Song of the Innkeeper's Children, Wave and the Shore, Contentment, Night People

    Collected Songs                                                                      $25.00/  17.50
        6 songs on texts of various poets:
        Love Response by Paul Laurence Dunbar;
Love Memory by Paul Laurence Dunbar (LOVE MEMORY for high voice also included for Baritone) Amazing Grace - text by the composer;
Alone . . . Nikos Valance;
        Advocation by Suzanne Hassler; Christmas Lullaby - text by the composer.

    Nightsongs - all keys                                                                   $30.00/  21.50
        6 songs: Prayer (Langston Hughes), Drums of Tragedy (Langston Hughes),
        The Heart of a Woman (Georgia Douglas Johnson), Night Song (Clarissa Scott Delany),
        Sence You Went Away (James Weldon Johnson), and Creole Girl (Morgan Collins)

    Nightsongs  - high voice only                                                    $12.00/8.50

    Five Millay Songs                                                                       $30.00/  24.50
        5 songs on texts of Edna St. Vincent Millay, all keys high, med, low
        Wild swans
        Branch by branch   
        For you there is no song
        The return from town
        Gone again is summer the lovely  

    Sence you went away (from Nightsongs) all keys                         $9.95/  8.50
    Dunbar Songs                                                                            $15.00/12.50
        Three songs on Texts of Paul Laurence Dunbar for Medium High Voice and keyboard
        The Meadow Lark
        He(she) Gave me a rose
        the Valse

    For you there is no song (from Five Millay Songs) all keys                $8.00/7.50

    Homesick Blues  (from "The Wider View") in high and low ranges     $10.00/8.50

Other works:

        Cairo Songbook  - Mezzo Soprano, piano                                  $13.50/10.50

        First Love - A Song for Nadia - voice, piano                             $8.50/7.50

    Frederick Tillis
        The Best Times - voice and piano                                           $9.50/7.50
        Singing for the sake of my soul - voice and piano                   $9.50/7.50
        Little David - voice, piano                                                      $8.50/7.50

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