Alice Shields


Alice Shields is noted for the power of her writing for live and electronically transformed voices and the moving quality of her writing for instruments.  One of the pioneers of electronic music, she creates operas, vocal and chamber music and music for dance and video.  Her work is influenced by Western and non-Western forms of classical music and theater, including Bharata Natyam dance-drama and Japanese Noh Theater. 

Current performances include the world premiere of Larynx (2018) for piccolo, piano and three percussionists by Iktus Percussion on May 11, 2018 at Areté Gallery, Brooklyn, which will be recorded in January, 2019; two electronic scenes from the opera Mass for the Dead performed by the NYC-Electroacoustic Music Festival on July 20 2018, and the world premiere of her opera Zhaojun - The Woman Who Saved the World (2018) on November 20, 2018 in concert at Engelman Recital Hall, Baruch College by the Association for the Promotion of New Music.


ACE Publications

33 title(s)
Alice Shields Zhaojün - The Woman Who Saved the World Sop, Bar, fl, ob, perc(1), vln, vla, vcl, pf
Alice Shields WIND IN THE PINES soprano, alto recorder, alto flute, Renaissance bray harp, oud, Therobo, percussion (1)
Alice Shields WILDCAT SONGS Soprano, piccolo
Alice Shields White Heron Dance electroacoustic - audio
Alice Shields VIRGIN SONGS - FROM MASS FOR THE DEAD Soprano, keyboard
Alice Shields TODAY IS BLISS trumpet, piano
Alice Shields SRI MATA (Violin) violin
Alice Shields SRI MATA - viola solo viola
Alice Shields SRI MATA (English Horn) English horn
Alice Shields RIVER OF MEMORY trombone, tape
Alice Shields QUARTET FOR PIANO AND THREE PERCUSSION piano, glockenspiel, vibraphone, xylophone
Alice Shields PULCHRA ES No. 2 double mixed chorus, soprano solo, organ
Alice Shields O GRACIOUS LIGHT SATB mixed choir
Alice Shields NERUDA SONGS
female voice, cello
Alice Shields Mioritza - Requiem for Rachel Corrie (for Trumpet) Trumpet and Fixed Audio Media
Alice Shields Mioritza - Requiem for Rachel Corrie (for Trombone) Trombone and Fixed Audio Media
Alice Shields MASS FOR THE DEAD Ghost Opera For 3 singers (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone), optional Chorus, fixed audio media, and 4 optional live inst (cello, bassoon, keyboard, percussion)
Alice Shields LEVERTOV SONGS Mezzo Soprano, Viola
Alice Shields KYRIELLE Violin and Tape
Alice Shields Komachi at Sekidera
soprano/mezzo-soprano, alto flute, koto
Alice Shields DAWN Flute, Clarinet
Alice Shields Criseyde's Arietta Soprano and Piano
Alice Shields CRISEYDE - Opera in Two Acts 5 solo singers plus 14 instruments

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