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Composer's note:  The Train by Carl Slotboom is a play about two holocaust survivors who tell their story, remembering the events of several decades ago when they were young. It seems that many of their memories are buried, and they are reluctant to speak of that time in their lives, but the present day couple, on a train trip, finds that they are thrust into a memory loop by the train itself. The train becomes a symbol, a catalyst for something to happen. The older couple begins to remember events in their past, events that have been long buried in their memories. They discover that the presence of the past, buried and then remembered, strengthens their love and gives them hope.

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$26.95; $46.95 score with set of parts


Excerpt - Darleen Mitchell - Music of Remembrance



Composer's note: Marfantasie takes its name from the tiny American Western town of Marfa, which is home to the Chinati Foundation, Donald Judd’s collection of conceptual art, both his own and of like-minded artists. It is a strange conflation of cowboy culture and the avant-garde. In celebration of this incongruous American landscape, both natural and cultural, the two movements: 1) the vast seemingly empty---though actually fantastically active---desert landscape, and 2) the succession of seemingly similar---yet highly detailed, crafted, and varied--- basic forms that make up Judd’s art.

List Price: 
$22.95 conductor's score


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