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Composer's note: Marfantasie takes its name from the tiny American Western town of Marfa, which is home to the Chinati Foundation, Donald Judd’s collection of conceptual art, both his own and of like-minded artists. It is a strange conflation of cowboy culture and the avant-garde. In celebration of this incongruous American landscape, both natural and cultural, the two movements: 1) the vast seemingly empty---though actually fantastically active---desert landscape, and 2) the succession of seemingly similar---yet highly detailed, crafted, and varied--- basic forms that make up Judd’s art.

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$22.95 conductor's score


variable ensembles, percussion-centered

A collection of musical works:

1.  motion/less for percussion solo
2.  Oneiro for percussion trio
3.  64 Statements re and not re Child of Tree for solo percussion and audio tapes
4.  Pastorale for solo percussioin and Dancer
5.  Friends, for piano, crotales, and narrator
6.  Three Short Pieces
       i. Five, brass quintet
       ii. Four interludes from Downward Facing Dog, for piano solo
       iii. For Frank Bowen, solo flute
7.  Decline of the West, for female narrator and all-male heavy-metal band
8.  Metaphysics, for spoken voice and boom boxes, requiring 7 assistants
9.  Faith, for voice or any instrument
10. Hope, for hand percussion, guitars, and voices (Version 2 of Decline of the West, when performed as part of the opera, Faith, Hope, and Love
11. Love, for Seven Performers
12. Do something/Do something else, for any number of performers
13. Gesturing hands, for solo theremin
14. Blindness, for solo marimba
15. Written on the body, for musicians and dancers


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