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soprano, trombone, organ (piano)

Julian of Norwich wrote Showings, based on sixteen visions of God, occuring as as she was extremely ill. As an anchoress, a solitary, who is often pictured with her sole compainion, a cat, her books were the first to be written in England by a woman.

I. “I saw God....”
II. Something small
III. “He is our clothing....”
IV. “ falling and rising...”
V. “ truly is God our Mother...”
VI. “All will be well...”

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Cantata Beatitudines

org, wind ens

The inspiration of ancient Greek music, verse, and movement provided the background setting, and the idea of blessedness as wholeness is pursued. In this work, the positive but realistic theology of Beatitudes concludes with an "outburst of joy" an homage to Messiaen.


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